The new Slapklatz PRO Refillz packages enables drummers to buy more gels in a convenient and cheap way. Drummers who want to refill their current Slapklatz PRO case or the ones that don’t feel the need for a carrying case, now have the option to buy “case free” SlapKlatz!

Slapklatz PRO REFILLZ is available in CLEAR, ALIEN GREEN, BLACK and PINK.

The new Refillz packages contains a total of 12 gels:
• 2x large gel pads
• 4x medium gel pads
• 6x small gel pads


DRUMnBASE launches a new additional Vintage Persian design in Original Red finish. At the same time a brandnew XL size of 225×185 is added to the Persian mat collection. The Original Red version is available in three sizes (130×90, 185×160 & 225x185cm) to cover all needs for musicians on and off stage / studio / rehearsal /…..

Sawt El Ahram

New in program are the the darbuka’s of Sawt El Ahram!

Made in Turkey by craftsman, Sawt El Ahram is renowned for being a quality instrument. This percussion can be used as much by professional or amateur musicians. The sound quality of this percussion is excellent live and in studio. Musical instrument easy to maintain and to tune.

Nativo Percussion PRO PLUS

Nativo Percussion introduces new Pro Plus cajon designs! They come with a unique playing surface coating that brings endless possibilities for playing with brushes. Their punchy, low and powerfull bass sound is absolutely one of a kind!